How to Get Quick Reviews on Amazon in 2017 | FBA Private Label Selling Review Strategy 1 year ago

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How to get quick reviews on Amazon in 2017?

Here's the Q&A I got today that I thought I should share:

Q: Yo Riley, quick question,,, I remember on one of your later Amazon videos it said that you cannot get customers anymore to leave reviews to easily improve your amazon store rating... Has there been a work around to this? Is it still as 'easy' as you say to make money on Amazon? I know you make money bringing people on doing this Amazon thing but pls give me your honest response! 😝😝

A: Yo man! Yea ppl still get reviews the same way, giving away 50% off coupons. But now ppl don't use 'dollar deal Fb groups' because those 'dollar deal' shopper accounts have had their reviews removed because Amazon figures out they are biased, as those groups 'require' that the customer posts a review .... Now it's done the same way, but sellers reach out to Real hobby groups related to their niche, and post about their product launch and the 50% off coupon. Then you email/dm them the code .... then a couple weeks later you kindly follow up asking what they think and if they would kindly put it in as review ..... so basically same method but a more worm required to personally follow up. 💯💯🤘 (of course not Every single person will do the review, but that's part of it)

PS. it's never 'easy' to make money .. I guarantee I've never said it's 'easy' to make money online or on Amazon ... what I Have said is it's the 'easiest' time in history to start a small business bc we have the internet 😎💯🤘🚀


Just keepin it real & clarifying! Leave ur questions below!

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